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PT. MADITECH MEDIKA FARMA  is well established in   Medical,   Laboratory,   Instrument    and Hospital furniture.

Our core Bussiness included Radioterapy, Laboratory Pantology Clinic/Anatomy,   Operating  Theatre  equipment, X-Ray, Fisiotheraphy, USG, ECG, EEG, EMG,  CT-Scan,  MRI,  Treadmill,  Spirometre, Bonedencity, Dental Unit, Dental X-Ray, Intensive Care, Medical Ventilator, Medical Gas Piping, Electrical Hospital Bads, Medical Apparel & Textile, Emergency Product, Ambulance ….etc.

At present we are as Sole Agent for Radiotherapy as like as Cobalt 60 and Linex from Radon “TURKI”. We do supply the material/Equipment, but we are also involve in Design, Install, Service, Testing and commisioning all Product offered.  We are proffesional in our  field  and  offer  complete  program  for serve you with further details.

Our mission is to serve our customer by providing the reliable  and  high  quality  products  with  cost
effective and after sales services to meet their requirements and expectations.

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E-mail : maditech.medika.farma@gmail.com

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Anesthesia Apparatus PRO-45S
Compact, yet highly efficient, especially in extra easy handling.

 Primary features
incorporates extra-reliable, patented "Low oxygen conc. avoidance system".
High precision triple-column flowmeter allows easy, quick value reading.
Acoma original one-touch vaporizer attachment / detachment design.
Anesthetic gas mixture prevention device.
Simultaneous one-touch control of the anesthetic circuit and ventilator possible by manipulating the selector cock (optional feature).
Rationaly designed respiratoly circuit section realizes a top level of usage ease.
Multiple monitoring system incorporated enhances safety checks for abnormalities.
Desk-like table top alows for ready record keeping.

Low flow rate compatible type also available. With this type, the graduations in the low flow rate range of '0-1L/min' are magnified for easier display reading. Also incorporated are precise flow rate control function as well as a safety device to assure O2 gas flow (0.25L/min) every time before N2O gas is sent.
■ Principal components
Patented interlocking gear flowmeter / Auto on oxygen monitor / "Safety Block" / Auto/manual remote terminal / Analog circuit pressure gauge / Two-storage drawers

Anesthesia Apparatus Vigor-21DX
A simplicity-centered, durable, high-precision utility anesthesia apparatus that delivers economical performance.

Rail type only. Vaporizers are optionally available.
Anesthetic ventilator PRO-V mounted is optionally available.

■ Primary features
Simplicity-centered anesthesia unit, provided with a compact/high-mobility respiratory circuit section as well as designed prioritizing practical-use handling, incorporates all the essential functions needed for anesthetic procedures through trouble-free controls.
With the built-in safety device, it is completely ensured that the N2O gas flow will not turn on unless the O2 gas flow goes over '1.8L/min'.
For added convenience, even if inadvertently forgetting to turn the built-in O2 monitor on, this switched monitor automatically turns on if O2 flow goes over '1.8L/min'. 
■ Principal components
Special flow meter to automatically ensure minimum O2 flow / Versatile auto-switching O2 monitor with manual ON/OFF and one-touch calibration / Highly precise, fully 360 degree horizontally rotatable circuit pressure gauge / One-touch auto/manual selector cock / APL value / Auxiliary cylinder yoke (for O2) / independent gas supply pressure gauges for O2 and N2O / monitor shelf can hold units totaling up to 20kgs. / Auxiliary power outlets / table top usable for record keeping / Large-caster base for top mobility


Anesthesia Apparatus FO-20S
Superb functional efficiency in a compact body.
Simple and cost-effective.
Offers great utility in all situations.

 Reliable security
  • N2O and O2 metering is jointly controlled by a special mechanically interlocking gear system, that ensures patient safety by controlling the minimum oxygen concentration so that it never goes below 30% (±3 Vol. %, when O2 flow is over 1 L/min.). (PAT. 1737472)
  • If O2 supply pressure drops below 240 to 260 kPa, whistle sounds.
  • If O2 supply pressure falls below 100kPa (approx. 1kgf/cm2), the N2O flow into the circuit is automatically suspended for assurance of patient safety.
■ Easy operation
  • Convenient, easy disposal of surplus gas
  • Easy-to-handle canister
  • One-touch oxygen flushing
■ Compact and Customizable.
  • FO-20S can be carried conveniently anywhere by means of the carrying handle.
  • An Anesthetic ventilator (such as Acoma PRO-V mkII,ARF-900II & ACE-3000) can be installed within the mobile stand.
  • A built-in drawer on small mobile stand provides readily available storage space for various instruments, accessories, and other small items.(option)
  • Large castors for smooth, easy unit mobility combined with firm locking.
  • Rail type mount for 2 Vaporizers is optionally available for stand C.

■ Small mobile stands
Select from the 3 types A/B/C to satisfy every need.




 Main unit + Stand type A
Designed to be as compact as possible
 Main unit + Stand type B
Maintaining the compact form of the A type with a monitor base
 Main unit + Stand type C
Can be installed with 2 vaporizer units. Position of the respiratory apparatus is adjustable.

■ Ventilator supporting FO-20S.
Select from two options: Electric drive method and gas drive method

An Anesthetic Ventilator Developed for Fast, Operational Ease

Ventilation methodVolum Preset., Time Cycling
Ventilation modeContoller, Assistor/Controller
Approval No.20200BZZ00718000

Gas-driven Anesthetic Ventilator with electronic control. Versatile enough to meet the requirements of neonatal through to adult applications

Ventilation methodVolume preset and time cycling mode
Pressure preset and time cycling mode
Respiration methodTime-cycling mode, pressure limit mode, CMV, IMV, assisted respiration, CPAP (when installed with a respiration valve unit with PEEP)
Approval No.20500BZZ00040000


Lung Ventilator ART-21EX
This gas-driven mechanical ventilator is simple to use yet offers a wide range of functions and modes to choose from.

Ventilation methodVolume preset time cycling (in VCV mode)
Pressure preset time cycling (PCV)
Respiration methodVCV, PCV, CPAP, SIMV Pressure support

■ Primary features
The combination of the "flow trigger" method and rapid response valves greatly reduces trigger delay . nt size="-1">(comparison with our other products)

SIMV pressure support ventilation, and apnea backup ventilation function for CPAP mode

If AC power is cut, the driving gas switches to O2 to maintain ventilation. (when using the blower ART-21B)
A simple, user-friendly control panel that is loaded with functions.
Blower ART-21B


Lung Ventilator Mobile 1000II
Offering extra-reliable respiratory support, this relatively small unit, equipped with a new AC/DC power source system, can easily be used anywhere.

■ Primary features
Versatile 3-way power sourcing -- 1. 'AC source' (w/Dedicated power unit connected), 2. 'External source' (powered through such as a car battery), and 3. 'Internal source'.

Should either AC power fail or DC voltage drop to 11V or less, continuous ventilation is ensured by the Mobile-1000 power drive's instantaneous/automatic switching to the back up 'internal battery'.
Under average conditions, ventilation will continue for approx. 1 hour, provided that the internal battery is recharged to 90%.

Should all the batteries become depleted and there's no alternative power source, operation can be swiched to manual ventilation by manipulating the furnished 'breathing bag'.

Slim, compact and relatively light unit can be conveniently carried anywhere such as for first aid and patient transport. 
■ Principal components
Internal battery (DC) / Power unit (AC) / PEEP compensation assistor ventilation function / SIGH function / Spirometer incorporated / Circuit pressure gauge doubles as a power voltage checker / Internal battery recharging monitor / Hour meter / Heater-humidifier / AIR-oxygen mixing function / Safety & alarm devices.


Infant Ventilator ICV60
Microprocessor-controlled ventilator developed for use with premature, newborn, and older infants.

■ Primary features
Based on a time-cycling flow generator, this unit offers an I/E ratio automatically calculated by presetting respiratory rate and inspiratory time, and then only setting tidal volume.
Further, highly rationalized engineering has resulted in an especially effective inspiratory/expiratory flow separation system which realizes suppressed respiratory resistance, outstandingly improved economics, as well as enhanced monitoring and alarm systems. 
■ Principal components
Circuit pressure gauge for measuring/digitally displaying maximum, mean and minimum pressure values / High performance O2/AIR blender / Expiratory phase constant flow leads to inspiratory resistance reduction during spontaneous breathing / Manual inspiration button to permit SIGH realization while inspiratory action contineues / If expiratory phase pressure rises, PEEP function activates to lower it / Water trap